GTXP = Total mess!!

I have a GTXP 6.1 and...
i cant get any sound outa my front speakers at all .. i bought the comp 2 mouths ago.. and well never got it working correctly... "i use the rare speakers as front by not using 3d sound instaid".. anyways.. anyhow..
thats not the current problem ..

Somehow i managed to F*CK!! up my soundcard TOTALY!!! by installing the 7.1 drivers and well.. what can i say .. i cant get it to work again.. if i remove everything and start over again well.... it ask after a disc 1. file [-peep-] something "#¤%&/()=!!!! from 7.1, and i cant get it to NOT to do that.!! i dont whant this bloody file... im getting so damn frustrated ... any input would help!! im geting so bloody tired of it all!!

"by the way im running Win-XP

thanX for any help!!
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  1. Maybe your sound card is a defect one. Are you still able to exchange the card?
  2. reformat time, if you install the wrong drivers you get PROBLEMS! =) This coming from another guy who did that only i lost my rear speakers instead of front=)))

    Install the right card and it'll work=P

    Ya know, thats the one and only thing i can and do hold against Hercules, they got no friggin instructions.

    Windows is like a house of cards... One wrong move and it all comes crashing down.
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