Wireless Arris modem won't connect via Ethernet

OK so I've messed with this for about 3 hours now. Long story short: I got a new modem from the cable company Arris TG862G. This is a wireless modem and I had them set everything up on their end which is now after 2 hours with them on the phone working fine. The problem I'm having is somewhere in my computer is my guess and their guys didn't know which way was up so i gave up on them fixing my issue. So here I am. I have a custom built computer that is using a Gigabyte mobo and has been working fine with the on board Ethernet card before now. I used to have the desktop plugged into an Arris modem via a Belkin router and this set up worked fine. I also took the current modem and plugged it into the Belkin N600 router and then to my computer and to my complete bewilderment it worked fine. I wanted to get rid of the router so I could see if I could get faster download speeds (That initial issue being on speed tests I get 50mb/s and on actual downloads I would only get 5mb/s).

So back to this issue. I got it to work (I have no idea how) for about 20 minuets. When I restarted the computer it stopped working. I am now back to square one which is the desktop not even recognizing that there is a cord plugged in. I know the cord is fine and the ports are fine as well that isn't the issue. My laptop connected just fine to the Ethernet cord with no issue. I have uninstalled the Belkin software to see if that was the issue and no change. Everything wireless works just fine, it is just this Ethernet connection that is FUBARed, and again ONLY with the desktop.

I am running Windows 7 ultimate. Please help me out and figure this out because I am about to QQ and just deal with the 5mb/s downlods because that's not terrible but I got greedy.

Thanks for the help guys I know I can count on you!

Quick update: I was messing with the Ethernet wire some and it started picking up the router but never tried to connect to the internet, I'm going to try other wires but I don't think that's the issue. If it gets fixed I'll post something back.

OK so another update ladies and gents: my desktop has been on for about 40 minuets now and it is connected to the modem. I have done nothing to it that would cause this and it just randomly happened. Short of never turning my computer off again which would be hell on my power bill what can I do to fix this problem? On I'm only getting 30.48 Mb/s and as I said earlier I should be getting around 50mb/s (which is what I get on on the wireless laptop). I just restarted it and it wouldn't connect to the modem again. A very perplexing problem no? Thanks again for the help!

Easy solution is to obviously buy a wireless router and just plug that sucker in. I want to avoid this if possible, but if not, sais la vi.
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    What I would do is buy a network card and plug it into a pcie slot and connect that way and bypass the onboard lan chip.
    There are settings on the computer that you can try changing to see if it will help. In the bios you want to make sure that any wake on lan settings are diabled and any other settings that would allow the bios to conrtol the lan chip.
    In Windows you can go to the power plans and make sure that there are no options that allow Windows to turn off the lan chip for power saving or any coontrols fro that matter.
  2. I would definetly go with the Intel one.
  3. I got the Intel one on sell for Black Friday! I will update and select as best answer if it fixes my problems. Thanks for the quick reply bro!
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  5. Thanks Inzone I would have eventually done this but it fixed the problem and I am now getting the promised speeds. Cheep quick fix
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