Request assistance with connecting 2 routers Wirelessly.

Hello all,

I am trying to connect a D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Router to a Verizon FiOS Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I Wirelessly and need some help.

The setup: 1 Verizon FiOS Router in basement, fully functional and able to transmit WLAN to all sections of the building. 1 D-Link Router one floor above, fully functional and able to transmit WLAN to all sections of the building. LAN ports are open on both, however no ethernet cabling has been run and cannot be run at this time. Coax is run throughout the building for "FiOS" ready options, however I've been unable to get the Coax on the floor above where the DIR is to work making me think that the Coax might not actually have been completely setup, or I lack the expertise to get it to work. :-) Note: Procurement of additional equipment is not an option at this time.

The purpose: To broadcast the Verizon FiOS' WLAN up a floor to the DIR (so the DIR would be an access point) and then connect several computers on the above floor that do not have WLAN capabilities/access to the DIR directly through the LAN ports on the DIR. So FiOS WLAN to DIR WLAN -> DIR WLAN to DIR LAN -> DIR LAN to computers.

The problem: I am unable to get the DIR-655 to receive signal from the FiOS router wirelessly. For troubleshooting purposes I did succesfully connect the DIR to the FiOS via hardwire and was able to use it for LAN connectivity, but the end-user setup will make it so that connecting via hardwire is not an option (FiOS router sits one floor below and there is no room/allowance for running lengthy cable). I have tried following guides/tutorials online for configuring the IP Address, LAN/WLAN, and Range including creating DNS entries on the FiOS router but I am feeling more and more like I am grasping at straws due to lack of knowledge on my part in this area.

Please assist and I will try to provide whatever information I can. If it is not possible and I will need to procure a different piece of equipment to make the setup work please let me know.


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    You need the to run in client mode which commonly is called bridge mode. The dir-655 does not have that feature.
  2. Thank you bill001g!
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