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I am currently in the process of setting up a network that would allow me to transfer Internet over to my neighbor's house, which we own and are renting out. We have an Ethernet cable running to a router, which services my house, and cable connected to that which runs next door via an underground conduit. However, we are having issues hooking this cable up to a WiFi router. When the cable is connected directly to a computer next door, that computer can connect to the internet. However, when it is connected to a WiFi router, its network does not have internet access. Could someone help explain to me why this happens? Is it a problem with the router-next-door's settings? Thanks!
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    You need to connect it one of two ways, (1) to the second router via an LAN port to LAN port connection and then give that second router a static or reserved dynamic IP address in your main router with DHCP off in the second router and the main router will assign all addresses, which will make it act as a wireless access point and wired switch and allow you to control the usage using QoS, but will also possibly allow them to access your network devices since they are on it; or (2) main router LAN to second router WAN with second router using a different network address (so if main router is, second will be and using its own DHCP. Which are you trying to set up?
  2. Depending how close the two houses are you can most likly able to see your wireless network from next door so you couls even have wireless devices connecting from one house to the other. A second option depending on the layout of the house is to connect an 8 port switch in the basement ad run ethernet cable to each room and let the devices upstairs in the second floor connect to the wireless router next door.
    Unless you want to keep it seperate then the swich can connect to the devices excapt for the lireless.
  3. Realbeast is probably correct. I don't think you want a wireless router for your neighbors, you want a wireless access point. You can configure a lot of residential grade routers to act as one.

    The main question is, do you want to be on the same network as your neighbor, allowing your computers to talk to theirs? If not, you would want to set up two separate VLANs (Virtual local area networks) to keep the network traffic separate. Most residential grade routers aren't capable of VLAN configurations so you would need a commercial grade router.
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