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Brand new laptop with good specs. I am getting really low download and upload rates with torrents though, and Youtube streaming. I have Quallcomm Atheros Killer Network Manager and I can see random bandwidth spikes, but it is consistently around 100kbps. I have Verizon FiOs and tested at 28MBps download/30MBps upload. I am not sure what is limiting my rates. Help?
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  1. The killer network manager has some settings in there that if not set right can lead to limiting the speeds. You do wanr to go through and make sure that you have the settings done correctly. You can also set priority from 1 to 4 on what progeams or games can get the top (#1) setting and which ones get assigne the low priority (#4) and those in between. Have you set the download speed and upload speed to match what you should be getting.
  2. If you are running downloads at the same time as streaming, that would be an issue. You are limited as to what the sites push out also. Plus ISPs have taken to limiting torrent traffic, could be the case with you.
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