How do I get Zynga off of my computer PERMANENTLY?

Excuse my French,...but how the f*** do I get Zynga off of my new build with Windows 7HP 64 bit permanently? Oooooo it makes me mad. It's not listed on my program files so a simple uninstall doesn't work. I am no software genius.

My boot drive is a Crucial M4 SSD. I also have a new WD Caviar Black HD that I haven't connected to the build yet.

I'm not good with software or file management and I could also use some info about how to get all my data and jpegs etc. off of my older WD HD from my old build. I need lessons. I should take a course someplace.

Thanks all.
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  3. Emerald said:

    Thanks Emerald. I got rid of the Zynga stuff by deleting Smart View.
  4. The Zynga stuff came with my ASRock mobo software. Bloat ware. Clutter ware.
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