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I have a Linfinity LXM1641-01 inverter that has an input for v-sync. I don't think that this is typical of most inverters. This one uses a different dimming tecnique that sends pulses to the CCFL. The pulses can be synced to the V refresh to stop flickering.

Anyway, I need to know which v-sync to connect to. The v-sync on pin 9 of the D-sub connector (VGA connector)? Or the v-sync that goes from the LCD controller to the LCD panel? Do I just splice into that wire?

<A HREF="http://www.microsemi.com/datasheets/LXM1641.pdf" target="_new">Datasheet for LXM1641</A>
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  1. GoSharks is not around anymore, eh? :(
  2. Its quite standard to synchronize the backlight inverter to the vertical frequency.
    Actually the sync signal for your inverter is already available on the controller board. There is a special connector which connects the inverter to the controller board. You only have to find out the pin where the sync signal is. Problem here is, you have to check whether it meets the specs for your inverter. Best way is to use a scope.
    Another way to get the sync signal is to connect directly to the VGA connector. The VSync VGA signal is TTL level, so that should meet the specs of your linfinity inverter.

    In the end its not very critical which signal you use ..just give it a try...you cant damage your linfinity because maximum rated voltage is 6.5V.

    BTW, it would be nice if you can give us a feedback if the the dimming range of 1000:1 really works flickerfree.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'll give you a report when I get some time to try it.

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