Can\'t share wireless internet connection

I am using a Belkin router with my laptop (Vista). What I would like to do is connect my desktop machine, also Vista to the router. THe Belkin has 4 ethernet ports in addition to the modem port. So far I have been unable to succeed in making a connection. I am going to get a USB adaptor, but am looking for an interem solution. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. I'm a bit confused. Are you attempting to share the internet connection from the laptop, through the router, to the desktop? or do you
    have a modem plugged into your router and are attempting to plug both your laptop and desktop into the router.
  2. Share the internet connection from the laptop, through the router, to the desktop. IS there any other informationI can give that would help? I appreciate your efforts.
  3. First you have to set up internet connection sharing on the laptop.
    (I just grabbed a random tutorial off of google, feel free to find a better one if that tutorial doesn't help)

    After you have that set up, your going to want to run an ethernet from the laptop's ethernet port to the input/modem port on the router.
    Then plug the desktop into one of the output ports on the router.

    This assumes you are sharing the laptop's wireless connection over ethernet.
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