Internal card readers for windows 7

windows7 does not show my teac internal card reader on the my computer page....they are in device manager tho...when a card goes in it lights up but does not show up...worked on vista?

im on a dell dimesion ive searched dells website to see for a fix but found nothing so before i go out and buy another card reader that is 7 compatable i thought id ask you folks....regards
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  1. this is normal for most internal card readers in windows 7,mine does the same thing!It is normal!
  2. so area 51 i have to buy a new one?
  3. no , it just doesn't shoe in explorer,both of mine do it!shos when u insert card only.reader is fine!
  4. no it dont show when card in mate only in device manager
  5. oh ,sorry i misunderstood you,mine shows in device manager but also show when i put a card in!

    thats odd!
  6. Do you have any yellow exclamation marks in device manager for missing drivers?

    Can you supply the devices full model name/number.
  7. all it says is teac usb hs-cf card usb device and so forth in device manager and no i do not have any yellow exclamation marcs either
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