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so a hacker has had access to my it possible he has my static ip and can use it to access my computer and other can i find out if he is monitoring my computer or has remote access?
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  1. in computer under property you will see this remote operation parameter uncheck the box, after you could also do a full virus scan without network and use malwarebytes for spywares scan.
  2. A bit confused as to whats going on, as getting hacked via a static IP is difficult to say the least. Requires port exploitation (there are other methods but they aren't something your average joe can attempt)

    I suggest runnning a KAV rescue cd (Kaspersky AntiVirus rescue cd) it boots up before your Operating system so you can scan the system before any of the viruses pop up (as if they are already active some of them can be quite good at hiding themselves

    You will also need to run malware bytes, a few other things.

    But like I said we need more info before we can be certain as to whats going on and the best measures to take to get rid of the threat.

    @ scout you forgot to tell him how to do that. Basically im lazy and just google how to start in safe mode, it will give you the option to boot without network (which is what you want) make sure you have a copy of the anti virus downloaded from a clean PC, do not insert the media used to transfer the anti virus/anti malware until you are in safe mode (as its quite possible for a virus to impede the installation process.

    Also a system restore might help some.

    Edit: hang on, windows installer service isn't started in safemode by default, so you will need to right click my computer > manage > services > scroll down to windows installer, right click, and hit start.
  3. I would ask many questions about why and how you think you have been hacked. But in the end if you are certain or think your system has been compromised; back up your data and do a clean install. It is the only sure way to know your system is clean.
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