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Oke so here is the problem, when I am playing a game or just surfing the internet my internet falls out. It shows No ethernet cable plugged, even if I reset my router, change adapter replug cables etc. nothing is working at al I have to restart my computer to get internet again.

I never had this problem on my old pc, this is new pc I bought and I've got the problem for a long time.

Reinstalled netwerk drivers, made a new useraccount to see if any problems occur on another account with no programs running and yes it happens too.

It happens about 1-2 times a day, I am running my network directly tru a lan cable please feel free to ask for any information that you need to help me out cause it's been getting very frustrating lately.
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  1. Try a new cable, different port on the router. Could be a bad network card, try a different one.
  2. Fixed, was a bad driver for my network drive sorry for the late response
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