Very big lag spikes in games (League of Legends), Up to 2000ms

Hello there,

For the past few weeks and even before I've been experiencing huge lag spikes while playing LoL. Rarely there is no lag and it works fine but just rarely, and sometimes it's constant lag above 1000ms. I am on a wireless home connection, I always make sure no one is downloading anything and using up the connection, close all aditional programs, tried a bunch of quick fixes like adding TcpNoDelay to registry and downloading various latency reducing programs, I even called up my ISP and they did make me have lower ping but still have massive lag spikes so my problem still persists...

Here's a screen of various ping tests, from to the first few tracert adresses, every adress is named at the top of command prompt so you can see everything clearly.

Thank you and please help me I am really frustrated!
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  1. very good test data wish everyone would post this way.

    What it shows is you have excellent delays or you have packet loss. You do not have consistent high ping numbers. The small amounts of jitter between the ping times generally is normal since the device you are pinging may be busy and delay responding to you. If you do a addition one to your gateway I suspect you will find this loss is actually in your wireless connection. If not it is in the first hop which your ISP may or may not be willing to fix.

    This is fairly low loss rate it should not cause a huge issue for you.

    Your problem is that the game server is someplace else. You would have to do similar pings to traceroute points going to the game server. But what will you do if you find the problem is in the game providers ISP network, it not like you can call them up.

    The other problem you have is the ping in a game unlike a ping command measures delay in the game software on your machine,the network, and the server load. It is actually a better measurement but it does not really tell you where the real issue is.

    If you are adventurous you can figure this out. Get software called wireshark. It will let you capture all the traffic between your machine and the server. It will take some learning of how tcp packets are sent but you can see if it is the network or the server or even the client causing the delays. It is easier to learn this if you do web pages first since the data is not encoded. You will see a packet for example say "GET ......some web page", the server send back a acknowledgement tcp packet, and then send back the actually data. The time between the get packet and the tcp ack packet is the network delay, The time between the ack packet and the server response is due to server delay.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply John,

    Looks like I did the reading at one of those rare times when I actually don't experience any lags, but it was late and I just grabbed a screen without checking it out thorougly. So next time I experience it I will do another reading like this and post a screenshot. I hate it how everytime I need something to not work, it suddenly starts working, like when the ISP dispatches a repair team and suddenly it works...

    Thank you again and will be back with a screenshot...
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