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Hi all.

My works IT manager has left and our touter has stopped working. Ill give what details i can.
Draytek vigor 2829 is the item which has stopped working.
Ive replaced with bt business hub and have our internal network connecting to the net but our remote connections like vpn and rdp do not work.

Set up i know of.
Bt fibre openreach goes into hub(was draytek)
THEN THIS GOES into a netgear firewall which connects rest of the network and is our internal networks default gateway.

The issue we have is we cannot connect remotely.
The firewalls ip is netmask and gateway is
So ive set the hubs statip ip to 246

We also have security cameras on ip 243.

I cant access the draytek as dhcp is turned off.

Can anyone advise on potential set up for the hub or a way to access the draytek to view its configuration

Sorry to ask but we have been left in a bit of a mess
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  1. Something like this does not seem like anything you are going to fix easily. If you don't have the configuration information all documented, you should be pretty much ready to start over on everything in your network from scratch unless you can get the original IT person or their information back.

    Trying to piece together a complex network configuration like what you are talking about, without having the numbers you need for IP addresses, static public IP addresses and any tunnel login information, etc. is going to be very difficult. You need to consult with a local expert who can come in and get things running for you again, but there's very little anyone on the internet can do for you through a forum, this is something for a professional who has the capability of actually logging in to your network, looking at how you are using your computers, etc.
  2. Thanks, if the firewall has some address mapping on it, i.e wan to lan for server, vpn etc do you think the hub should be configured as a bridge
  3. Generally your firewall is going to be the first device connecting directly to the internet connection unless you have some sort of modem. The firewall would then connect behind it the routers and switches of the rest of your network.
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