Is there a reason for installing video drivers before windows updates?

Ok, the title basically has my question. I am building a new computer and have all the parts except for my video card (gtx 670 when it comes in stock...). Now, I have heard that I shouldn't do windows updates before installing the drivers for my video card. However, if I go ahead and set everything up except for my video card and let windows update do its thing - will there be any problems for me when I can finally buy my video card and install it?
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    You should not have any problems. To be honest I have never heard that before. You should download the latest driver from the Nvidia website and not use the one on the driver CD that comes with the card. That is really the only thing I am aware of that you need to do concerning drivers.
  2. Oh ok. I did a couple google searches about this after I saw it on NewEgg's "How to Build a Computer" series, but I couldn't find much more definitive information.

    Thanks for your quick response.
  3. Thats odd, I would think it best to do all the windows updates before installing additional software and drivers.
  4. Hi :)

    No..its fine we do it all the time...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Hmm, maybe I was sleepy or something and misunderstood the video. I just rewatched the relevant area in the video a couple times and think I just misunderstood what he said. He just happened to install the video drivers before windows updates.

    What I've surmised is that windows updates does have somewhat dated drivers for video cards and maybe that's why you want to install the video card drivers first.
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