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I'm facing a problem at work I hope someone would shed light on solutions. We have several desktop PCs connected on the internal LAN network. One specific computer has this problem. When another remote PC tries to access the shared folder on that host computer to edit an Autocad file, the host PC loses internet and local connection, and the remote PC just hangs then fails to save the file.

This is what I tried:
- Scan both computers using Kaspersky and other rootkit tools
- Used EMCO Network Malware Cleaner to detect any viruses on network
- Checked wired cables to ensure no loss or breakage
- Formatted the host PC and reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 7
- Made sure both computers are on the same Workgroup

Everytime the host PC just loses internet / LAN connection when trying to access remotely from another PC. Could it be a problem with the remote PC?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    This is more of a pc question and you may get a better answer on that forum.

    I would go to the administration tools and dig though the event logs. Major failures like this generally produce a message. I would also disable all virus protection and firewalls temporarily to ensure it is not one of these causing your issue.
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