Hello, i have a asus sabertooth 990fx motherboard, 1 500 gig hard drive, and 3 1.5tb seagate hard drives.

i want to install windows 7 on the 500gig drive and set up a raid 5 array with the 3 1.5 tb drives. if i set the sata ports to raid in the bios i can reboot and enter the raid menu and create the array with no problem.

1. I had a functioning install of window with sata set to ahci. i changed sata to raid, rebooted then the pretty windows logo shows up and the BSOD.
2. i removed all drives except the 500gig, had sata set to raid and attempted a fresh install. i had to load the raid drivers, install starts, copies files, expands, and so forth. then i restarts and says windows failed to start correctly. if i start windows normally it BSOD's. safe mode will not start either.

i think the problem lies somewhere with regards to the driver. all the drives function as i
just swapped out my motherboard. memory works. power supply has ample power for the 4 drives.

feel free to move to the correct location. i have tried everything i can think of. i need more ideas. asus customer support said to update bios and if that didnt solve the problem to call windows. i updated the bios but windows support has all ways proven useless. Thank you for any suggestions
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  1. BIOS power readout is needed to determine power problems, but since this is a custom install and I assume you do not have a Computer A+ certificate, many settings in Bios can screw up the way your PC runs or at all. Before anything, connect all hardware, reset BIOS to SETUP, run memtest for 8 passes. Check Bios Temps. Run the RAID install with ALL drives connected, you cannot setup a RAID install and have only 1 drive on, then hope all will be ok. Machines work on precision not hope.
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