256 RDRAM 1066 or 512 DDRRAM 2700

Which would be better with a P4 2.4b. I play games and surf and will be doing some video stuff.
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  1. As the Dr. has stated, Use the PC1066.

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  2. So your saying it will run faster with 256 RDram than 512 od DDR 2700
  3. exactly what they are saying.

    It doesn't matter how much RAM you've got, overall performance is based on the bandwith. In order to get a couch through a door it doesn't matter if you've got 2 doors if the couch in 40' wide and the doors are both 20'. What you need is a single 41' door, which allows you to breeze through with room to spare.

    Same with RAM, in theory the 533Mhz FSB has like a 4.2GB transfer limit, and PC1066 Rambus has the same. PC800 Rambus is perfect for 400MHZ FSB processors (I think) with like a 3.2GB transfer rate.

    PC2700 DDR has a 2.7GB transfer rate.
  4. It really depends on how much RAM your system NEEDS, if it never uses more than 256MB, than the RDRAM will always be faster.

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  5. Its all about price. The performance is closer than the price.

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