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Divx and Flask? what are you thinking?

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March 22, 2002 6:03:34 AM

Searching for words like Flask or XMpeg on this forum seem to return 1000X more documents than words like Gordian Knot or SBC Divx.

Have you really not been exposed to the magic of the GKnot?

Check out Doom9 for the Gknot downloads and guides,
you get great file size predictability, better image quality with SBC-Divx, and it doesn't crash every five minutes like Flask.

I think you should try it, I doubt you'll ever look back. You'll be too busy watching great quality divx movies on the french riviera with a martini in one hand and a martini in the other hand, smoking your cigar, laughing at the folks who've never tried the GKnot.

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March 31, 2002 7:57:00 AM

Don't worry mate, I hear ya. I can agree with you totally. I find it funny that I've never once seen someone who's tried both programs go back to using Flask, it's a 100% one-way conversion.

Flask sucks, it's a horrible program - dispite it crashing and being really really slow, it also has sync problems and a horendously ugly interface. (Which version was it that didn't include a framerate of 29.976, only 29.97?)

I urge everyone to go to and grab the Gordian Knot rippack and read the guides. Your video encoding will improve because of it.

If you *must* use Divx 5 (which Gordian Knot doesn't natively support, yet), at least read up on frameserving and use Virtualdub.

I get a strange unplesant shuddering sensation whenever I think about my early divx days attempting to use Flask.

(I seem to remember that the last couple of Tomshardware articles have been based around Flask, too? Even though I actually managed to double, yes *double* my encoding framerate using Gordian Knot).