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Determing RAM type (ECC or non-ecc)

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November 1, 2002 5:27:49 PM

When I boot up into the bios it says RAM configuration is NON-ECC. This is a pre-built Gateway Preformance 1400, Rambus computer. I know it's PC800 Rambus, I've looked at the chips. I can tell on DIMMs and stuff, but how do you tell on RIMMS?

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November 1, 2002 6:29:23 PM

You can look up the chip model numbers online. Or you can post them here and we can look them up.

Another way is to use a SPD chip reading program. It will tell you what the memory is.

<A HREF="" target="_new">You can download one here.</A>

The one above is a DOS based program and you need to run it from a DOS prompt.

However you need to use one of the following commands after the filename:

all: Show all fields and descriptions
dump: Dump SPD Memory, [Bytes]
inf: DIMM general information
mft: Show manufacturers list
help: The command list screen



Most modern memory PCBs have a SPD chip on them. Some forms of SDRAM will not. Example. I am running PC133 on my laptop and the memory does not have a SPD chip on it.

So you would only get a disply like this:

On DIMM SPD Tools. Version 1.2 FREEWARE. (C) 2001 by Dmitry Poltavtsev.

DIMM number 0: Not Inserted or no SPD module
DIMM number 1: Not Inserted or no SPD module
DIMM number 2: Not Inserted or no SPD module
DIMM number 3: Not Inserted or no SPD module


But for your RDRAM it should work.

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November 3, 2002 4:24:10 AM

I have just tried using spd_tool on my gigabyte 7vrxp and was informed that spd_tool a) did not work b) it works only with specific chipsets. Any other ideas on a SPD chip reading program?