Newly built Desktop cannot connect to internet.

Hello, I've just finished building a new desktop and the problem is that it cannot connect to the internet. I've got a ethernet cable connected from the modem to the desktop. I know the modem is working properly since my laptop and itouch can connect to the internet wireless. The desktop can recognize the modem and it says it's connected to the modem but it says the modem isn't connected to the internet. I dunno what to do I've got the LAN drive installed all the neccesary requirements for the desktop but it just won't connect. Could you guys please help me? Thanks for your help guys.
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  1. When you say modem are you refering to a router ? You say the laptop and itouch can connect to the internet by wireless , so do you have a wireless router ?
    Based on that have you connected your new computer to the network by entering in the network password ?
    A modem is the device that has the coax cable connected to it and locks into the internet signal , you then connect a oruter to the modem to setup your home network , is this what you have. You can try taking the ethernet cable that goes from the modem to the router and connecting it to the computer. Before connecting the modem to the computer you will have to power cycle the modem , that means turning it on and off.
  2. I use an att modem it's also a router too I guess. I connect the ethernet cord directly from the modem to the computer. The modem let's wireless devices connect without the use of a router for some reason.
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