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Does Windows Xp offers enhaced performance for Athlon Xp compared to windows 98se.
If it does, How much? And in gaming?
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  1. Here's an article from ExtremeTech.

    <A HREF=",3396,apn=2&s=1027&a=17128&ap=1,00.asp" target="_new">Windows XP: Price, Performance, Pitfalls</A>

    And a couple of other links:

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    <A HREF="" target="_new">AMD's QuantiSpeed™ architecture delivers extreme performance for Microsoft® Windows® XP</A>

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  2. Thanks for your help toejam31.
  3. Windows XP might not perform better than Windows 98 but it is a lot more stable then Windows 98.
  4. I think with my athlon xp 1700+ under 98se its faster than xp, but thats by going with feel and smoothness of the game.

    Same circumstances for both, nv 28.31 or whatever the latest officials are, via 4in1s latest.. same game with same resolution. That would be 800x600x16 with 4x antialiasing with my GTS.

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  5. I too have an Athlon XP1600+ processor and I have just switched to XP. Just because you have a Athlon XP processor does not mean you have to run XP. I think the only difference between the regular athlon and the XP athlon is that the XP has some extra cache built in. As for performance, On my machine(DFI AD72, 512mb of DDR, athlon XP1600+, Nvidia Riva TNT M64, Qauntum Fireball 7200rpm) I think Xp was a step backwards in performance. Win98SE may not have all the bells and whistles but Its a get up and go operating system, compared to the sluggish XP. Thats my opinion and I'm still gonna run 98SE regardless, even if my processor is a XP processor.
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