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I live in an old building. It is a residential Hotel. (Al Capone was once a guest, as was Elvis Presley). I have my internet connection via Century Link, (formerly Qwest). I pay for a phone connect as there is no cable in the building. Although I pay for a connection capable of providing 8mb downloads, my max is 750kbs. I have called Century Link and inquired as to why this was the case and was told the buildings wiring was poor quality and as my building was the "bottleneck", it was not thier problem. I then pointed out that they had far more affordable plans that were not as high speed and inquired as to why they had pushed a plan on me that I would be unable to fully utilize. Her response was as follows...."Well, we could drop you down to a slower connection, but that would only slow you down even more". ???????????????????????????? Could someone please explain this to me? Am I being screwed? (45.00 mo) The only local broadband provider that does not require a cell phone account is Clear, I tried it for one month, (after wasting 60 bucks on a desktop broadband reciever that is now a paperwieght) , I discovered that I could only get a tiny fraction of the bandwidth they sold me. I am back with Century Link. I don't mind so much paying a premium for a highspeed connection, but 45 bucks a month for a max of 750kbs down and no more than 250kbs up? Anyone have any advice that would be beneficial?
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  1. The post is a little confusing and I would like you to clear up a few things.
    The current internet service that you have is provided how ? Telephone wires , coaxal cable ,wireless cell phone ?
    By your internet provider saying that the building was the bottleneck and you stating that there was no cable in the building has me confused as to how you are getting internet service.
    If your internet service is brought into the building by coax cable then I would have the cable chasnged that is coming from the tap whether it be arial or ubderground and then new cable to the modem and connecting a computer directlly to the modem to see what the speed is. Then from there mabye running new wireing inside the building to where computers will be plus a wireless router for laptops and other devices.
    Naturaly this all depends on what you tell me is your source of internet service.
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