Can I replace Comcast' modem/router with one on Amazon?

Comcast gave us a nice wireless router/modem for our house. However, it costs $7 a month. I am wondering if i can order a wireless router/modem and take the Comcast one back. In under a year, i will break even.

However, i am wondering if that will work. I was looking for something like this:

I plan to then buy a wireless router for the house for things like laptops, ipods/iphones.

The modem/router Comcast gave us requires a coaxial cable, telephone line, and power. I just want to replace the Comcast one with a one-time purchase and save some money in the long run.

If anyone has any help, comments, questions please share. I am not good in terms of networking.
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  1. You pretty much call them up and give them the mac of your modem and they turn it on. I would look at DOCSIS3 devices but its going to depend if they offer the service.

    Your plan to run a separate modem and router is the best because you get a larger selection of routers.

    Normally the phone bundle is a bad deal so you don't really need a phone connection. BUT if you want the phone you will need to ask them which devices are compatible. Voice over cable is a special thing and only certain modem work with certain systems. I would just use skpe,vontage, magic jack etc.
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