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Hey guys,

Went into my local Dick Smith(Australian Electronics Store), and got myself a Belkin N600 DB, from reviews it's actually not a very great modem, it runs very warm, and I don't believe I'm too happy with it's wireless reach.

I play a lot of games, and I've read into Netgear quite a bit, prior to going into the store I didn't have a proper look so I was hustled into a Belkin, so I'm actually looking at going a Netgear N600, which are actually cheaper than Belkin at this moment in the shop.

I also wasn't very impressed with the lack of information that is displayed on the modem, 1 light tells you that it's either connected to the internet or that it is not.

No light to say that WAN, LAN, Ports and so on are going.

So my question is which is the better quality and performing modem/router, Belkin N600 DB or Netgear N600, my research would conclude going Netgear, but thought I'd get a bit more of an opinion.
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    I would take the Netgear any day.

    to me Belkin is a piece of junk
  2. Agree'd.

    Netgear have better quality in all aspects home use, business, etc.

    Although, playing games over Wireless is not a good idea.
  3. Cheers guys, this was my opinion as well, I don't play games over Wireless, it's for my phone and any laptops that people bring to the house, the wireless simply does not reach end to end on this house.

    I am going to head back to the store and ask for a switch over, hopefully will have next to no problems in doing so.
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