WRT54G troubleshoot or upgrade?

Hello guys,
I'm hoping someone can give me some input on this issue.
I've had Linksys WRT54G for over 6 years, it's been working alright no complains when it's working. Reason I'm saying when it's working is that every few days (2-3 sometimes longer) it will hang up where it won't allow any internet access to wireless clients. Wired connection would still be working okay, but wireless would refuse connection to existing connections (it would show connected by no internet access). Another peculiar symptom that came about from using win7, the laptop would connect to wireless network, but would be unable to access internet because it cannot properly identify the network as home network, and thus will have no access to the internet. Typically in the past I've only been able to solve it by power cycling the router. It wasn't a big deal when there was only one laptop in the house.

However, lately the number of wireless devices has grown (two new laptops, smart phones, etc.) And now when the router craps out it affects many devices and it's more likely to put somebody at an inconvenience in the middle of doing something on the web (skype, youtube, video games, etc)

So, to make long story shorter, I'm looking to get some advice on how to trouble shoot this problem, if possible OR what router to upgrade to. I've been looking at those 802.11N routers, but here I'm stumped because I don't know if the new device will be problem free. Can anyone recommend a good router that's 802.11n certified or at least a website that does reliable reviews on routers?

Some info on how the network is set up if you wish to help me trouble shoot this:
DHCP, with WPA2 password
there's no mac filtering (although I should probably re-enable it)

I'm thinking this has something to do with DHCP leases expiring, but setting up static IPs for 6 devices seemed a bit troublesome. But if you think it's worth a try let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Time for a new router ? You can get a top of the line wirless oruter for just under $200 and it will go down from there as to how much you want to spend. You can get some very nice routers for around $100. Naturaly the more you spend the more features you get.

    Could be a good choice.
  2. thanks for the feedback Inzone. I'm kinda sad that I only got one response, I was expecting better from TH. Oh well.

    I did some research myself.
    Some helpful website I've found were: (unbelievably)

    Tom's last router review was back in 2010, similar with anandtech. :(

    Finally ended up ordering Asus RT-N56U router
    The runners up were
    netgear WNDR4000 and linksys E4200.

    Maybe this post will help somebody else.
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