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I guess we can all upgrade our desktops pretty easily now days...but what about a laptop ...I have a Toshiba Satellite 2545 CDS w/333Mhz AMD. Is there a way to upgrade the board and processor to something faster, I don't find anything on the net about building notebooks like with PC's.


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  1. It's pretty hard to upgrade Notebook computers.
    The motherboards are designed for specific chassis.
    Dell Notebooks are usually the easiest to upgrade. Dell uses PGA cpus. The Inspiron 8100 and 8200 series have seperate video cards that are upgradable.
    Most notebooks can only change memory modules. CPUs are expensive and sometimes are soldered BGA to the motherboard. Sometimes you can change internal components such as NIC and modem cards. Sometimes you can upgrade the display.
    Dell provides complete breakdown instructions for their Notebook models. They also sell upgrade and replacement parts direct to consumers.
    I don't know about other manufactures.

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