CD drive opens and closes all the time by itself

I have an philips PCRW804 CD-Rom Drive (Burner) that opens and closes all the time by itself.
It starts anytime, even if nobody is working on the pc. It once even did this while rebooting, but normaly it does not start before the loging.on process.
Does anybody know why this could be (I already reinstalled the driver and disabled the whole drive, it did not work) or how i could simply prevent the drive from opening and closing (eg by using some special small software) even if the realm problem is not solved by doing so.
Do not hesitate to e-mail me or send me a icq message (120272835)
Best regards
Schenkeli Thomas
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  1. there is at least one virus \ worm \ trojan out there that does this get a good AV and run it

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  2. A couple of possible reasons for this:

    A. As lagger said a virus
    B. A drive remote control in the hands of a practical joker. (seen this done at work once)
    C. Dirty optical lense making the drive think there is a disk in the drive. use compressed air can or a cd cleaner to clean the optics.
    D. Possessed drive. Sacrifice a chicken to it. :smile:

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  3. Your computer is trying to communicate. It probably wants something. Don't sleep in the same room as it since a greedy computer can't be trusted.

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