PSU ... what's taking it down??

oh my. the timing of the PSU article is uncanny. my third power supply this year just went kablooie. is it a conspiracy??

anywho, the first didn't really count... it was the P2-333's power supply that convinced me to buy the Athy XP i'm happily (for the most part) running now. or was.

my power supply just went down last night and i'm trying to figure out what did it... if it was due to being overstressed, of crappy build quality, a) and b), or something else completely.

I'm running the following equipment (and have been only since last may or june or so):

Asus A7N266 (nforce420)with an Athy XP 1800+ (w/ Volcano 7)
2x256MB sticks of DDR266
2x80 gig Maxtors
SCSI-3 Adaptec PCI card
NIC, PCI card
USB 2.0, PCI card
2 Thermaltake 80mm fans + 1 Antec 80mm

this was all running on the 300 (maybe 350?) watt CompUSA power supply i bought when i mucked up the glorious Antec True320 that came with my case (plus660)

another thing to note, i run this computer 24/7, usually running a server of sorts (p2p or irc or ftp for friends), and also running a Seti@home-like client, United Devices ( and it's on a low-end APC UPS (surge protector+line conditioner+backup battery power)

oh, and i've had no stability issues that i can think of... but it'd be nice to get the computer back -- i'm in the middle of a school year heavily reliant on my computer =(
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  1. Lots of different factors can contribute to a Powersupply failing prematurely including:

    A. Poor build quality - I'm unsure how good compUSA PSU's are... i dont think they are great to tell u the truth.

    B. Chronic PSU overloading - Due to either using one rated too low for your system AND/OR the quailty is so bad the rated wattage is a LIE.

    C. Dirty Power from the wall outlet - This is more subtle, hard to detect. It could be something like lots of lightning strikes, blackouts, brownouts, dropped phases or even substandard/old house wiring.

    In your instance im guessing the quality of the PSU wasnt that marvellous, coupled to your system with a fair number of parts it probably burnt out due to being chronically overloaded. As you are using a UPS C. hopefully is not a factor.

    With PSU's its better to be safe than sorry and get a PSU that can supply MORE tahn what you need. SO a good quality 350W or 400W psu should suffice. Enermax, antec or Toptower by prefrence.

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  2. I have good experience with Enermax PSU. It is very quiet and reliable.
  3. By mucking up the True330 did you void the warranty? If not and you still have the receipt contact our RMA department and get it replaced (

  4. C. Dirty Power

    Luke I'm your father, come join the dark side. :)

    Waiting for my <A HREF="" target="_new">APC Back-UPS LS 500 (BP500UC)</A>, order should be here in a week or so. Winter is here and already starting to have funny power, dimming lights, few second power out.... weird and can be costly.

    Weird but the APC site changed since I was there last, I picked this model of back-ups because the site said it got Automatic Voltage Regulator, but today the site changed and it was removed. Great, already ordered it. Guess I'm sending one of my nice but pushing buttons e-mail to them about this. and people wonder why I hate big companies

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