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My motherboard supports SDR and DDR Ram. WOuld it be better to have 512MB of PC2100 DDR RAM or to have 1GB of SDR/DDR mixed ram? (ie 2x256MB of each)

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  1. Hi. Come on now. Is this a trick question?. You always should have the same memory type. DDR is way better than SDR. Be sure your operating system can handle the 1GB. Just because my motherboard will hold 3GB doesn't mean it will run stable with 1GB. Make sense?. It's the freakiness of MS OSisss, which is what you have the envelope from the mayonnaise jar tells me. Get one of the THGGuru's to explain it to you. I've taken to many hits off the pipe tonight.

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  2. I don't think you understood fully what I was asking - maybe I didn't explain it well enough.

    Scenario: I have a motherboard which supports 2 DDR DIMMS and 2 SDR DIMMS. I have 512MB of PC2100 DDR RAM and also 512MB of PC133 SDR RAM.

    Now considering that, would I be better off running off just the 512MB of PC2100 DDR RAM or go for 'bigger is better ' theory and use 1GB but have DDR and SDR running at the same time?
  3. You're not supposed to use both DDR and SD at the same time. So if you are planning for 1Gb only use one type.

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  4. Hi. From what I understand about memory and I hope I'm wrong. You have two types of memory running, your system is going to run at the slowest memory speeds. The computer isn't going to jump around and go "there's some fast DDR, let's go get it". I would believe it'll run at one speed and guess what speed that will be?. SDR can't run at DDR speeds. And didn't you hear me when I mentioned your operating system may not run stable with 1GB?.
  5. Your MCH cannot use both. (Memory Controler Hub) One at a time. The signalling is different for each. Now your board has two signal generators for the signalling but it only has one controller.

    So use DDR SDRAM and forget about SDR SDRAM.

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  6. I haven't heard of a board that can use both at the same time. Very few programs will come close to using 512MB even in multi-tasking, I therefore recommend the faster solution of 512MB DDR.

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  7. If you have gotten DDR and SDRAM to run at the same time I would like to hear more about it.

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  8. Hi. Who said that?. I'm wondering if english is the preffered language at THG. The poster said he had a mobo with 2 slots for SDR and 2 slots for DDR. You put the 2 together it's going to run SDR speed. Heck, he's the one that can't read a mobo manual. Jump on his ass.

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  9. Dude do you think I am jumping on <i>your</i> ass?

    I am just asking if someone somewhere has sdram and ddr running together and if so I want to hear more because I thought that was not possible but what the hell do I know.

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  10. Hi. Oh. I have an attitude problem. I'm the ass. I think you know that. I don't think they can be run together.
  11. 1. I have yet to see a dual ram board run both at the same time. DDR OR SDRAM not BOTH.
    2. 512Mb ram is usually more than enough for 95% of the general PC community.
    3. So get 512Mb of DDR and enjoy.

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