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Hey guys I could really use some help with my internet issues. i can only get my network adapter to work for a few minutes before it starts screwing up and losing connection and completely disappearing from device manager. The only way to get it back is to turn off my computer and unplug the power, and turn it back on after a few minutes. After i restart the computer the adapter connects and internet works. but than drops again after a few minutes. am i looking at a bad NIC card?
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  1. it almost sounds like a bad NIC. Is it LAN or wifi?
  2. It's a integrated realtek LAN adapter on a MSi p67a-g43 board. The wierd thing is that after u leave the computer unplugged for a couple minutes and replug it the port works connects to the Internet no problem but after a few minutes it starts losing connection than giving a code 10 error in devices manager.
  3. have you tried the driver from the Realtek site?
  4. i tried using the new realtek drivers from their website and I also tried using the realtek drivers provided on the MSI website for my motherboard
  5. have you tried an older version of the drivers?

    if nothing else works, get a $20 PCI or PCIe network card and test it.
  6. Is it true that if your ethernet port is dead your gonna have more issues with the motherboard down the road?
  7. have not experienced that so far
  8. thank you for your help i decided on ordering a GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-D3H at least now i ll have a motherboard with that i can possible sli my 670 with
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