Win 7 installer not detecting my HDD, but its a new lap!!

my Laptop is HP Pavilion dv6 1256tx
Intel C2D 2.2
4GB Ram
500 GB HDD
1GB ATI Radeon HD 4580
I bought this laptop in november.

I got Windows 7 with the laptop. It was 32bit. I was using it happily until one day i noticed 1gb ram of it is not being used by the oS(coz it's x86, that 1gb i was shared with Graphics card). So i decided 2 try Windows 7 x64.

my partition was like this
E=50GB Recovery(Dynamic)

While installing, i deleted C and created new partition with 50GB. left other 50 GB unallocated.
Then installation went on smoothly and finished successfully. Then i using Disk management tool, i extended the Big 350GB Disk to 400GB. But that unallocated 50GB was basic partition and 350 GB was Dynamic. So it asked if i want to change Basic 2 Dynamic, i pressed yes. I think wat happened is, it convereted the whole HDD tp Dynamic.
So next time i Booted, it failed, so i tried 2 reinstall Win 7. But its not recogonizing my HDD. Says "Windows cannot find any device to install".

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and formatted first 45GB as primary FAT32 and installed Ubuntu on 5GB Ext3.
My plan was 2 install win7 combining both this. But until now i can't manage windows 2 detect my HDD. Yes i tried downloading SATA drivers and Loaded it while selecting partition, NO USE.

I also used DISKPART, but it shows my HDD as Inactive, cant do any operation on it.

I tried XP too... it ends in Blue screen.

I want the data on 350GB Partition very badly, even Ubuntu can't read it, so i cant take backup.

Plz plz tell me 1 solution.

I googled a lot and cudnt find an answer

my 1st priority is to get the data in the 350GB partition.
Tried Gpart, Partition Magic, EASEUS all failed... a little hope i got was frm Bootlt. to backup. but i dont have a 350 GB External HDD(i have 320GB, which shows 298GB) to backup.
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  1. It seems complicated. I'm not entirely sure it will work, but it's worth a try.
    1) Try to get Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery v3.0 (V4.0 has already been released, but 3.0 worked best for me.)
    2)Run it under ubuntu using wine (or google about it). I'm really not a linux guy.
    3)When it will run, you will see entire physical disk scanning option on left pane, do advanced scan of physical disk & try to recover your lost partitions & data.
  2. i forgot to mention 1 thing. Using GParted in Ubuntu i can see that data in dat 350GB partition is stillder. But i cant access it in anyway. Or does anybody know 2 convert an NTFS 2 a linux friendly partition without data loss? so dat i can copy data onto my Portable.

    @ujaansona thanks for the quick reply... i am downloading it n trying... pray it'll work... ill post the result...

  3. see this screenshot in ubuntu.
    Gparted shows 392GB/415GB is in use. But File manager shows 22.9GB and 83MB used in it. But if dat partition is opened, there is nothing in it....

    Windows not even seem to detect Hard disk.... Iam going Crazyyyy....... Plz help...

    @ujaansona Stellar phoenix... don't work in Ubuntu+wine. Installation itself crash...
  4. I think further tampering with the partion in this situation can cause permanent loss of your data; if they are not lost already. It must be under warranty? Contact HP support personnel.
  5. Ok. I solved it. Not exactly a solution, but did work for me :) coz i cudn't wait 4 the mercy of hp customer support. Frm my experience, its customer support is horrible. Also i had some urgent works 2 do. Here's wat i did.

    i opened diskpart frm the command prompt in windows 7 PE repair tools. Typed 'clean' after selecting my disk. Yup. I cleaned it. Then installed windows 7 and ran EASEUS data recovery wizard. It was very simple & efficient. Recovered all data to a external hdd. Copied it back to lap. DONE. That's it.
  6. I'm really very happy that you have done it with Windows 7 Preinstallation Environment. That's the way we all learn.
    Thank you very much once again for sharing your wisdom.
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