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Okay here's my story, I ran windows xp x64 and got awesome frames on my games and now that I switched to microsoft's "best" operating system, I am down 5-10 fps in games!!! Windows 7 seems like 3d bloatware crap that will slow down any computer. No I am not running anything in the background and I have the latest divers from NVIDIA. My specs (not the greatest pc)- AMD Turion ZM-85 @ 2.30ghz, 4gb RAM, and a Nvidia 8200M G. Like wtf? I play games like halo custom edition and windows 7 decided to eat my frames away! Until someone gives me a good explanation, I will revert back to windows xp x64!
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  1. wow, you really wasted your time to post that, I was looking for a suggestion as to why windows 7 had game lag and windows xp did not.
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