Stuttering/unstable wireless connection speed

Hello everyone,

I am connected to a wireless network with approx 90 MB speed. The problem with my connection is that it is 'stuttering' and its speed is unstable.

For example, all of you know how powerful Internet download manager can be when it opens up its channels and starts downloading; on my end, however, IDM tries to maximize its downloading speed but it never manages to maintain it. In other words, a download would start at 70 KB/s then jumps 'very briefly' to 240 KB/s and then immediately returns to 100 KB/s again even even if there is no download speed limit from the host.

What made me also sure that a problem does exist is Teknogods MW3 PC game. If I browse for a server(any server), its ping would appear as 75 at first but when I click refresh, the same server's ping would jump to 300 even though I have nothing eating my bandwidth in the background. Also, If I join any server, the gameplay is 'always' choppy and lagging because of the connection's inability to update as fast as it should be.

I have tried turning off windows firewall but it did not work and I have no anti-virus or firewall progs running in the background.

What could be the cause of this and how can I check if there is something that is limiting my bandwidth?

P.S: I am connecting through a hotel's wireless network so any suggesstions about accessing their routers is impossible :).

System Specs:

- Brand: Casper notebook

- Intel Core i5-3210M CPU 2.50GH
- Memory 8GB RAM
- Nvidia Geforce GT630 620MB up to 1 GB
- Realtel RTL8188CE wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
- Realtek High Definition Audio
- Win 7 Home Basic 64-bit
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  1. Hey,
    The stuttering problem might be happening due to external interferences. It can be a wireless mouse or keyboard or speakers. Check if someone around you is using any of the mentioned things first.

    Hope it works out, take care :)
  2. alright.. thank you meghrajbaria, actually, I do have a wireless mouse that I am using with the laptop and I turned it off and logged into an 'apparently' low ping server in Teknogods mw3 but I still suffered stuttering. Also upon refresh, the crazy high numbers appear again.

    Trying Internet download manager on a softpedia mirror download, the problem persisted, speed would go up and down without staying constant :( .
  3. Plug directly into your router via ethernet and check again.
    I had terrible stuttering, mouse, keyboard, connection, extremely frustrating. I updated my USB wireless device and will check again, but it worked great while plugged directly in.
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