2 routers, 2modems, 1 LAN

I have 2 cable modems connected to 2 routers
router1 DHCP off no wireless
router2 DHCP off 802.11 g/n

routers are then linked Lan to Lan via a 24 port switch/hub

Windows server 2003 dhcp

I want the dhcp server to give out different router ips based on mac addess
I can set clients up manually with router ip and it works but, have to reconfigure the wireless card if they go out of office

reason is I have 14 servers and 7 clients and want them going out different modems but still be on the same subnet for access to the servers on lan

Some clients (family can be a pain) like to do a lot of downloading so I want to put them on the lower link

Reason is
Modem 1 512Kbps uplink 2Mbps downlink (clients)
Modem 2 2.5Mbps uplink 25Mbps downlink (servers)
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  1. It is good practice for Servers to have a Static IP
  2. Yes I know all Servers are static. Its the clients I was trying to figure out, but I found a solution thats working for now tho its a pain in the butt.

    I'm using 2008 R-2 DHCP service with the main scope configured to not give out a router ip and then using reservations to set each client to wich router I want it to go through.

    wish there was an easier way I don't want to have to log into the dhcp server if a guest comes over to set up their laptop
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