I had purchased a case for a micro atx board (Asus A7N266-VM w/ an athlon xp 2000+.) As you know, those babies can cook a turkey. I had a case which supported the M-ATX dimension, but placed the power supply DIRECTLY over the processor blocking off all air-flow for the fan/heatsink. Currently I'm just using a volcan 5 to cool the chip, and the processor nearly burned out the first time I started the computer. everything is function (i.e. fan, heatsink is seated, with thermal paste)

The question at hand is...does anyone have a link or suggest a M-ATX Case (or ATX that fits M-ATX) that doesn't place the power supply over the chip? I'm hoping to find something in the $30 price range, but up to $50 is acceptable. Thanks in advance.
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  1. How about that micro ATX shuttle case with heatpipe cooler?
    It was reviewed on toms a month or so back.

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  2. Any ATX case will definately hold a MicroATX board. I'll sell you a new white, blue, and chrome one for $20.

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