Virus help please!!

a couple of days ago a virus found it's way on to my computer and giving me some major problems. First it started with disabling my network adapters. After I enabled them again, I don't know what it did but now they won't work properly. I can't even reinstall the drivers. Then when I try to restart it the computer begins a 10 second and starts trying to scan for a problem. After about 10% it restarts again and goes back to the same screen. It won't even let me delete it or access safe mode. And now after I get home from work it won't even charge my phone! The virus is called fccu4o20iv and I can't take ownership of the file because it denies me every single time.
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More about virus please
  1. try to download Unlocker to force a delete of the file
  2. you can format your system if you have'nt important data so this will be a good choice and then refresh your win the virus should be gone
  3. things you need to look out for:

    -Have a spare computer in case you need to get a file from a site that the virus is rejecting.
    -find out if its a virus thats affecting the Bios or the hdd, if its the bios, you will need to go through a bios flashing
    -have malware scanners like malware bytes
    -go to start>run>msconfig>startup and be sure to uncheck the suspicious start up ones(check the directory of the files) and then restart
    -use unlocker if a file is protecting itself
  4. Malware doesn't recognize it as a virus and it's preventing me from using unlocker.
  5. Cjeromek said:
    Malware doesn't recognize it as a virus and it's preventing me from using unlocker.

    Do you have another machine or external hard drive around? Back up your data and reinstall Windows I seen this before, its a nasty malware. It disables system hardware and currupts the registry over time. Try that then post back results.
  6. if nothing else works theres always the option to just back up (copy-paste) only important files to another hard drive and wipe your boot drive and do a clean install of Windows
  7. Get a linux live CD. OpenSuse and Ubuntu both have them for free download.

    Boot into linux directly from the CD, and mount your hard drive.

    Navigate to the offending file, and delete it.

    Take the CD out, and reboot.
  8. My two favorite virus removers are Combofix and TDSS Killer, I bet Combofix will jack that virus up.
  9. leave everything because you only have to reinstall your windows
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