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SB Audigy, not really high quality sound...

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November 6, 2002 12:39:40 AM

I recently went into my local Staples and my dad was looking at printers for a customer of his, so i decided to go aimlessly wandering. Next thing I knew i was looking in clearance at a SB Audigy Gamer. I went to the cashier to ask the price of it because it wasn't readible on the tag. The manager happens to walk by and says "Just give it to hime for $20, if he wants it". So of course I couldn't pass up on the oppertunity for a $80 card for $20. Anyways, my initial impression was good but after some usage i've noticed that the sound quality isn't as good as my dad's TBSC. I'm currently using the latest drivers from Creative. Are there any fixes to poor sound quality without buying a different card??

I miss my ATI Radeon 64mb ViVo SE :frown:
November 6, 2002 11:07:21 PM

Nevermind, I solved my own problem. When the master volume is up all the way the signal is too strong for my reciever and my speakers causing distortion and it to sound like trash.

I miss my ATI Radeon 64mb ViVo SE :frown:
January 15, 2003 1:04:53 PM

Always keep in mind that you have to open maximum 70 percent of your master volume when connecting to receiver. In that way, you prevent most of distortion. I read this from, where proffesional people respond questions... So far,I haven't noticed any glitches from my audigy :) .
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January 15, 2003 1:25:01 PM

No glitch in my system either. And I should say it sounds very good [for the price].

Actually I've set up the master, wave and CD volume controls to 100% (connected to a stereo integrated amplifier). That's because I find that if I set the volume lower I have to drive my amp at higher levels and I always [till now] supposed that upping the volume on the amp would produce higher distortion levels. Can anyone shed a light on this?
January 15, 2003 1:42:20 PM

A little strange r2k. I'm bearing in mind that almost all mid-range home-theater receivers amp quality should be better than audigy's internal amp ;) . Try digital or optical connection instead of analog 6 channels. Maybe that distortion goes out (I think...)
January 15, 2003 7:05:11 PM

I thought the audigy outs were straight out of the codecs with no intermediary amps. If so that would imply that you could run the volume at full and still expect no distortion. Maybe those stereo guys were talking about older cards which typically did have a bit of amplification. eh?
January 16, 2003 11:22:09 AM

I thought this way but I found it by testing.
If we want to put these in basic :
I have a receiver that goes up to 50 volume.
If I set audigy to 100 percent master volume, it pushes the limits of bass and treble while the receiver volume is just set to "8"! After opening up some volume (near 15-16) samples are not clear anyway. In the other hand,when I set the volume below 70 percent and opening up the volume near 35-40,World is shaking,windows are exploding but sound is not distorting as the first example. Yes there is distortion and there MUST BE! =D (while playing 128kbps joint stereo track with pro logic mode on that volume... :D ), but it depends on the playing track's quality and a little of other components quality.I prefer downloading musics greater than 192kbps and NOT joint stereo if available.Because when bitrate to drops,the sound S*C*S =D. I mentioned before and exampled it. That is why I thought this way :) 

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January 16, 2003 5:31:04 PM

That's exactly the way it is: The sound is coming straight out of the DAC with no amplification. Your reasoning here is true I suppose because with my older Yamaha card that had onboard amplification, I could never up the volume to 100% and have perfect sound on my amplifier (not even on my POS PC speakers) so it always remained at 50%. When I bought the Audigy, I found out that even with wave and master volumes both at 100% (both 50% on the Yamaha) I had to crank up the volume on the amplifier 1 o'clock higher to have the same level.

And don't get me wrong, it DOESN'T distort even if I go to 12 o'clock position (50watts per channel into 8ohms RMS, speakers are specced 25-100watts into 8ohms RMS). I just wanted to know which way would be the best. It seems I'd stick with the way it is. And it's a stereo amplifier not an AV receiver so no DSP, DAC, etc. thus no digital inputs.
January 16, 2003 6:48:34 PM

If I switch to 6-channel analog connection, I'll consider your posts r2k ;) . I am convinced :) 
January 16, 2003 11:58:34 PM

Yeah, so what is AEBoy128s problem then? It doesn't make any sense.
January 17, 2003 4:42:02 PM

His receiver probably?