Can i use two wirless router internet connection in same pc

can i use two wireless router internet connection in same pc
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  1. This is the same as using 2 wired connections to 2 routers: you can have it, but you will not gain much. Making it use both connection is an IT admin task, which will still be limited. So no "bridging" advantage to double your speed or failover so when one link dies your apps never notice. The latter will require reconnections to establish a link over the other device/network.

    PS: it makes no sense at home, unless you have a private network (no net, so technically not a router) and an internet connection and want to keep them separate (this scenario can be present in a company). But you will need 2 devices (2 wifi for your question).
  2. If your trying to double your internet speeds. Check youtube. there is many videos telling you how to double your internet speeds
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