Powerline adapters dont see each other? How do I know if they are communicating?

I have two powerline adapters of teh same type (bought in a kit). The user manual says "plug them in and they will recognise each other". Well I did, and they don't.

I tried plugging in computer to the far one via ethernet cable, and my wireless internet router to the near one by ethernet cable, and I cant get Internet on the far computer. It does get internet through a wireless dongle on the far computer, so Internet is definitely working. but when wirless dongle is out, no Net...

So how do I know what is going on in this closed system of the powerline adapters? Should I be able to see the network on the main ("near") computer next to the Internet wirless router? it runs Windows 7.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I've never really been convinced these can work in a property with more than one ring main, such as we have here in the UK - a separate ring for upstairs from that downstairs. Test your by seeing if they can "see" each other if plugged in separate sockets but in the same room.

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