BSOD when playing games

Hi there,

I know i know.. there are so many other threads out there with the same issues as what my title suggests...however none that i've seen whilst using W8.

basically whenever i start a game i can play for about 10 - 15min then BSOD!

my hardware is as follows:

Case: Cooler Master Storm trooper (to give an idea of cooling to rule out overheating)

PSU: had a Corsair GS700 and had the problem then Corsair made noise etc (as most do) had it replacement by warranty for an Antec HCP-750.

Mobo: Asus P8-Z77 V LX

RAM: 2x4GB 1600 Corsair Vengeance

HDD: 1TB Seagate and 2 x 80GB Seagate - all 3 SATA

VGA: MSI Hawk R7870 2GB - heres a link - (not manually overclocked)

CPU: i5-2500k (also not overclocked) speedstep tech used instead

i havent done proper diagnostics as yet, was just wondering maybe if anyone could point me in the right direction as troubleshooting this problem could take a long long time..

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  1. i cannot say much right now but the first thing that comes to my mind is heat

    please use prime 95 and test for load about 20 - 30 mins it will test ur system on load and if it gets bsod

    its ur processor or psu failing !

    else i would bet on gpu
  2. make sure you have the mb bios updated. there a lot of bios patches for asus mb and windows 8. make sure in the bios you have the asus mb running in standard mode not performance mode. changes the cpu to ram bus timing and can cause issues. in the bios make sure xmp profile is turned on. make sure if your mb have the mvp chipset it turned off and you did not install the software from the cd. the mvp from lucient will try to bond the intel ipgpu and your gpu to get higher frame rates. they have not worked all the bugs out of there hardware and software so it a crap shoot. with the gpu make sure you have a fan profile lie msi afterburner to make sure the gpu fan speeds up when it under load.
  3. I'll definitely give it a try soon as I get home. Had my gf download and run memtest86 this morning and found 21 errors with memory. Taking my pc in tomorrow for checkup cause all my parts are still within warranty. If they find the problem I'll be sure to post it. I've already run my gpu benchmark @ max res : 1900x1200 with 8xMSAA and it runs for 5min then ends without any crashing. But when I play games it crashes - weird
  4. UPDATE:

    So I checked my BIOS and everything else smorlz suggested and still BSOD then I don't know how but I stumbled across something.

    My pagefile on my C: Drive was not equal to or bigger than my physical RAM in fact it was tiny. Changed that played Dead Space 3 for good couple hours. Will update one more time later today after testing all my games after work then I guess it'll be safe to say that its solved
  5. Good find on the page file...though I'm not sure how that might have happend to you.
    Do you remember ever setting it low for a purpose?
    By default Windows 8 has it set to 'System Managed'
  6. you might try a memory test. on both your ram and your graphics card
  7. Hi all,

    firstly I apologize for not updating sooner but I've been trying to get this sorted and managed to do just that with the help from a friend in Johannesburg.

    okay so basically and i quote,

    "right-click the shortcut to the game you wanna play and make sure to tick "run as administrator" then apply."

    "At the top of the properties menu run the "Compatibility Troubleshooter" once done you should test the program with these settings."

    "it will launch the game but close it shortly after it runs, do that for all the games you have. if it's a steam go the steam folder where the games are stored and do the above steps for the ("gamename"launcher.exe) and the actual (gamename.exe)."

    reboot your pc and that should solve it. been playing my games Far Cry 3, Dead Space 3, Hitman Absolution, Black Ops 2 and few others with no problems at all for the past week and counting..

    thank you to everyone who helped me out and gave advice
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