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So bare with me here as I attempt to explain my current setup and what I want to do.

We have a large TV that's about 5 years old, it didn't come with USB ports or some of the more modern stuff, it came with VGA and HDMI and RCA.

Now originally I had a spare scrap computer hooked up via VGA and RCA for video and sound, but it's not really efficient and clean, although it could be I prefer to take a different route.

So my current set up after renovating the house recently is...

Modem > 4 male connections > 6 socket wall mount (Note that each socket give internet to a different room into the house)>Cat6 in the walls>Single Socket>male cat6>computer/tv..

Now my TV doesn't have Ethernet connections so this is my first issue.

So what I want to do is the be able to basically remotely from my computer watch videos and such on the TV, so I figured that has to be some sort of middle man or something here for this to be possible, the TV is over 40 meters in cable length from my computer so I want to run it through Ethernet(also the modem claims to have streaming of video capabilities).

So my current idea was.


So this splits my question into two, how will I go about streaming anything to the TV if the TV is not necessarily a computer, therefore eliminating remote access.

Secondly my current idea is to get a Ethernet to USB, then plug the USB into a Video Converter and then HDMI or VGA+RCA into the computer, but Video Converters are used to reading from Flash Drives, so how will I be able to send certain media from my Computer to the Video Converter.

Or if there is any other ways to do this through my setup, let me know.

Otherwise it's back to having the computer sitting next to the TV.
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  1. If what you are asking is how do I use my TV as a computer monitor over a very long cable. They make HDMI extenders that run over ethernet cable. Some have the ability to even pass the infrared remote signal. They were made mostly for extending something like a cable box. You would have to search various models to be sure it supported video resolution used by computers. Many only support 1080 and 720...most newer computers can do 1080.

    Now if you really mean "stream" video to the tv then you best bet is some device like roku. There are a huge number of devices like this on the market and it is changing fast so hard to say which is best.
  2. Hey mate, yeah I've seen these HDMI's over ethernet, the only issue here is that with the TV being in the lounge room and my computer being in the bedroom I would be looking at somehow being able to see the screen from the bedroom from my computer.

    The TV has a ratio of 16:9 so I'm going from that and assuming it would do 1920 by 1080.

    Basically I'm wanting a way to show whatever I want on the TV from my computer without physically having a computer hooked straight upto it like a monitor, and I have Ethernet capabilities so I chucked the possibility of Ethernet in there.

    I've just had a look at this Roku, have you tried it, it's rather interesting, is it possible for my computer to transmit through wireless what I want to watch?


    Have looked into Roku a bit more, but not necessarily what I want as I'm not looking to hook up to Netflix or anything like that.
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