I can't access any programs on windows 7

Hello, i'm mike and I can't access any programs. I have a dell optiplex gx280, 1 gig ram, intel 4cpu 2.40 ghz 2.29ghz. I think I have a virus, but can't access any programs at all, I get a window that says " Choose the program you want to use to open this file:" I can't even open my anti virus software or even get on the internet. I'm a DJ and use the comp for work, any help?
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  1. What anti-virus do you use? Anti virus like macfee can clean computer after virus affected. If you cant get macfee or it cant help you then you need to reinstall windows.
  2. http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=5425

    then run

    TDSSkiller and Malwarebytes in this order
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