Configuring multiple routers in a wifi connection

I want to set up a WiFi internet connection for a campus. I plan to use 4 routers. the first one is directly connected to the internet. I want to share internet access wirelessly with the other routers. Each of the routers should be a hotspot for each of the four blocks in the campus.
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  1. You want to have a central router that you distribute to other routers using wireless and they then provide signal to the users also via wireless?

    Going to be hard to get system that performs well. Best would be to use wired connection between the routers...AP'S

    Your best bet is to build a backhaul network between your distributed units and your main router. At each location you would use a bridge and a AP (could be 2 routers running in the proper mode). On the bridge you would use a directional antenna to get the very best connection back to the main router. This you would then plug into the AP which would provide the service to the users. You want to use a different channel for your bridge and your AP to minimize the interference.

    Note you can use repeaters to do this but most cheap repeaters use a single radio to do this and only use a single radio channel for both function. They tend to introduce large delays when you have more that just a few users.
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