Do you have Linux? If so, please reply and post some comments about it such as...why you chose it over Windows.

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  1. At the risk of feeding the troll, here's why I use Linux:
    1) It's cheap.
    2) It does everything I want an OS to do.
    3) It has tons of great tools and programs available - most of which are free.
    4) I like it.

    1)I didn't say it was free though because there is some cost associated with buying the CD's, downloading it, or paying subscriptions for updates if you choose to. But it's cheap, and once it's setup it's very trouble-free.

    2) Windows does most of what i want an OS to do, too, but I'm a geek, so being able to get inside and customise the OS appeals.

    3) I know some people hate the GPL, but some cool software has come out of it...

    4) I like it because it's customisible, flexible, and doesn't put arbitrary limits on what you can do. I like the non-manufactured community that sprung up around it. I like that it's close enough to other Unixes that porting software is easish. I like that it tries to keep to open industry standards, rather than creating it's own arbitrary ones. I like that it answers to no single authority, and benefits everyone (ok, Linus oversees the kernel but not the whole extravaganza).

    To be fair, I also think Win2K is nice, but licensing kills that fast, and not including an NFS client by default is dumb. MS should have opened up the NT/2K HAL as well, so that the Alpha, PPC, etc thing could have lived on.

    The "home" versions of MS OS suck IMHO. In an effort to be "user-friendly", they're too limiting. Eg 1, A friend of mine wanted to use some Chinese on her WinME box... In the end we reinstalled with Win2K, because WinME wasn't multi-lingual enough. Eg 2, Or WinXP's home version networking... Bad bad bad. Eg 3, MS Java. 'Nuf said.

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  2. Let me change your points a bit:

    1. Linux is virtually free at best, low cost at worst. Certainly cheaper than the alternatives, whatever the situation.

    2. I has almost everything a SOHO user or an SME may require straight out of the box. For an individual with media needs, you can easily go through the options taking some parts out, and perhaps get the Linux ports of some of your favourite games. For Large businesses there are plenty of tailored solutions.

    3. Amen to that.

    4. Most people who install it, like it. The rest won't even give it a chance to use it more than 2 minutes or they work for microsoft.

    Personally, I'd rather give situations where Linux isn't best. So, for all other situations, Linux is probably the best thing to use.

    1. For a hardcore games machine. reason: lack of linux games.

    2. As the desktop os at work if you work for Microsoft, probably will get you fired and arrested for cracking and violating their machine.

    3. If you have a software modem, and desperatly need to use the internet but can't find drivers for it and are unwilling to even consider buying another modem or getting broadband.

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  3. The three reasons you listed are about the only ones...

    The GPL is perhaps the best tihng about Linux; you get to enjoy the full rights of the software while sticking it to "the man"

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  4. I was just thinking of reasons not to use it, and the biggie that I can see for Home/SOHO users is a lack of local support.

    You can buy a boxed set of Suse or whatever from your local store, but it's hard to find local support. No ISP in my country "supports" Linux (although they probably all use it internally :-) and few computer stores support it either.

    A few shops are starting to spring up, but for Mom-and-Pop or Joe-small-business-man who wants a local support person, that might still be the limiting factor.

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  5. True, but a lot of these have a hard time with windows. And microsoft isn't always good at looking after someone who only has one of their licenses. But I do understand what you're saying. It just seems that they'd be a tad unlucky. Unless ofcourse they know a techie.

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  6. Must you be quite advanced with computers to use Linux? I mean is it user-friendly and have a good interface to work with? I picture Linux hard to use...mabey like DOS? Does it have Icons and such, or must you type in commands?

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  7. Linux is about as easy to use as Windows 2000 Server.

    I mean, it is user-friendly and intuitive, but some stuff is just RIDICULOUSLY difficult for the average user. You can do both GUI and command stuff. I prefer the command line, as do most "power users"? But a mature GUI is also present. Check out

    And yes, it does have icons :), and pretty ones, too.

    To see an example of how good linux can look, check out the themes and screenshots at

    "If you teach a child to read, then he or her will be able to pass a literacy test" - George W.
  8. It is free. It is stable. Good for a server. It is free. It is stable.
  9. I've been hobbying around with Linux since 12/1997...and I've finally (practically) shed my Microsoft skin (OS) early in 2001. Linux (usually the current version of Red Hat) is my home OS of choice because--

    1. its reasonably priced
    2a. its not a castrated OS, as microsoft only allows people to do what it wants them to do
    2b. its very configurable, it does what I want it to do
    3. its based on computing standards, rather than a bunch of propriatary hooks
    4. it makes the best uses of my PC's resources, its fast!
    5. it doesn't have all that anti-piracy/copy-protection sh#t
    6. i'm a network admin, and using/learning unix skills are the prima donna of the industry
    7. it's not Microsoft. :-)

    Lots of great reasons to use Linux. I've gotten immense joy out of the usability that it affords and the learning experience (meaning, I have something that actually uses my brain, rather than some stupid point-and-click-and-takeover-my-system OS).
  10. Redhat 7.2 is easy to setup and use the programs. Yes they have icons and starting up games or programs are relativley painless. Where it starts to get ugly is when you go behind the scenes and have to mess with the configurations. Don't get me wrong I like Linux because I don't mind learning but I can tell you it is not nearly as easy as Windows. You can't just pop in a Quake3 CD, install it and in 5 minutes be in an online game fragging. Setting it up to work with an OpenGL card was time consumming and frustrating if your new. The pro's could probably do it in 5 minutes with the proper documentation but the avg newbie would take days and maybe weeks. It took me a few hours of browsing newsgroups to finally get my card up and running Quake3. Once it was working it ran nicer then in Windows. If you don't have patience and time then forget it. If you have a DSL or cable connection you do not have to pay a dime for any LINUX software or documentation. It is all free if you know how to search for it. Just remember Windows is like AOL, it makes dumb people dumber.

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  11. Quote:
    Windows is like AOL, it makes dumb people dumber

    lol I'll have to remember that !

    I tried linux (red hat 6.2 and 7.1) used the 6.2 at level 3 (console mode) and was a bit of a pain but I spent a lot of time doing it and had some help. 7.1 wasnt too bad at all, but as already mentioned, basically anything you want to do on linux needs YOU to do it, not like on windows, where windows does it for you. as for stability, it WAS stable, mainly because theres no "junk" readily available to install on it- windows 2k is stable if you dont install anything on it! I'd say if you have time, and like to "tinker" then go for it, if you expect to be able to click on install,next,next,next,yes,yes,I accept,next,next,next,finish - then dont !

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  12. But ha! no security code or activation code or I am not a theif code or any such things.

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  13. But...if you think you are going load...even Mandrake 8.2, the pop a CD in to burn or a DVD to watch...highly unlikely. $ hours and I got DVD....3 days, can't burn a CD yet. Some of the programs that come with the distro are non functional...X CD Roast for one.

    Like said, once you get it configured and are done!

    Still not sure which is the better, RH or Mandrake.

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  14. Suse?

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  15. Suse?? I think a one word reply doesn't tell me much. Why would you think Suse has an edge over the others?

    I'm all ears.

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  16. It has Cool start-up and shutdown sequences. :wink:

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  17. That is why SuSe would be the better of them all? I was hoping you would tell me that I could do things a little more easily than Mandrake. Like I mentioned: burn a CD, play a DVD, MP3's without taking 4 hours to screw with it.
    What else does SuSe do that would make me want to try it?

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  18. dunno, usage wise suse didn't feel too different from redhat. But, I think everyone says mandrake is supposed to be easier or something. I haven't used it. I burnt a Cd sometime ago, I think I used XRoast, can't recall. I don't remember it being too difficult. Though, I haven't use linux for a while now. Doing some programming thats taking up most of my time. Thats in Win2000...

    Playing mp3's isn't difficult. I don't think the distro matters too much as does the Desktop Environment. Theres an mp3 player called xmms which looks like winamp. you could use that.

    But the reason I switched from Redhat 7.1 to Suse 7.3 was after seeing the startup and shutdown sequence. :lol:

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  19. Playing mp3s shouldn't be an issue with Mandrake. Nor should playing mpeg files. It's set up for you automatically during the install. The only thing you really have to set up is your 3D video acceleration, and that can be tricky.

    I moved over to SuSE 7.3 just to get away from mandrake for a while. I like it a lot actually, and really like YaST and YaST2.

    If anyone wants info on SuSE, try

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  20. What hardware are you using? If you are using an Nvidia card you will need to install the drivers before you can play a DVD. There is a perl script available on (just posted a few days ago) that you can download and execute immediately which will download and install everything you need to have it up your nvidia drivers up and running. As far as burning goes, X-CDroast needs to be run as root first and will generally do a good job of guessing what your setup is from there. I also wonder about your sound if you cant play mp3's out of the box. What sound card do you have? If you have an aureal vortex based card I can help you thru the install of the drivers if you want.

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  21. I am learning to use linux, it really takes me lots of time. I nearlly wanna quit, still attract me, oh god
    I use win98se, cause I wanna play more games
    I use win2000pro, cause I wanna do a easy work
    I use linux, cause I wanna learn more of computer and system, and I am interested in exploering new things

    I know it's not my time, but I still will try my best to do it well...
  22. I've installed many linux, redhat, mandrake, suse, icepack, bluepoint, my point of view, I really feel it's better to use redhat and mandrake, it contains lots of free and useful software for us, and as a chinese user, I prefered in using mandrake 8.2, it support chinese well, though not enough. and I used redhat 6.0, 7.1, 7.2, I could say it's better chinese support in redhat 7.2, but I still don't understand why I can't bring up the ADSL in it. maybe I am a newer and much things I still should learn. I don't meet this problem in other linux, sigh, if any one could help me here?

    I know it's not my time, but I still will try my best to do it well...
  23. i use linux coz my professor force me to~

    who let tom out!
    who who who!!!
  24. I've tried a few flavors of Linux, Red Hat mostly, downloaded new kernels off the net, bought a $60 book on learning linux. Even got taught Hp-Ux in the military. And still it took me 4 days to try and configure an ehternet card that was not supported by my kernel. Had to go buy one that was supported.

    If you new to computing, or don't wanna mess with your os, if you think of your OS as just being there, and your main objective is to play games, surf the net, and the likes, then by all means, use Windows.

    If you don't mind tinkering with things as most guys do, then re-partion you hard drive or buy a new one, and set up about 10gb for a Linux OS, and do a duel boot so you have both, one to learn and mess with, one to run your games and daily internet crap.

    I didn't like my Linux because they don't have voice chat support in Yahoo chat, but I really liked everything else, and once you start learning how to install progs and basic tinkering you get hooked, then you start wanting to learn more.

    Basic Advantage of Linux.... IT'S FREE, totally customizable, IT'S FREE, and it's ever evolving, open source means everyone is making new programs free for the having, it's like a child that everyone has a say in how it grows up. With windows you get the kid from AI.

    So I guess my rambling has leaded to that

    Windows = AI
    Linux = A real Kid

    pick your flavor

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