Can\'t get objects on bottom of screen. they do not show up in Sherlock Holms ga

I have had computer games before but never ever experienced the problems I have with the HP games. My passwords have not been recognized, the games are incredibly difficult to download and when they finally are something is always not Kosher. Now that Sherlock Holms has been downloaded and the program begun, there are no objects at the bottom of the screen to identify (picture too large?) and no way to get out except to hit "escape". I want to cancel my contract with you and get my money back. Thank you.
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  1. You are going to need to e-mail HP about that, as this site is not connected in any way to HP.

    Their contact information is here:

  2. Is this the game you refer to:

    You will need to contact them to cancel your contract. This is a hardware techy website, not affiliated with the game you mention.
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