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I am an internet based business man, and using 2 routers for my computer one is build in Cable modem + router and the other one is my own second Belkin F5D7234-4 router. ( 2 routers are wireless routers, but I am using the cable connection for the internet)
One connection goes to my computer and the other one for my Daddy, He is 70 years old. But he always stay in front of the computer and watching porn sites ( I know that)
Then my script works and all other things slow down due to the bandwidth. Shall I partially block his internet connection? I connection speed is 630 kbps ( as per the provider) and downloading speed is 70 kbps. He only need 20 kbps for Fasebook or gmail.
I connected the cable to the belkin router because there is only on output socket for the provider’s router.
I can block the IP of his computer via the MAC address filtering. But then he will complain that he can’t get access internet, so it is not a right way. If he only gets 20 kbps then he will stop his behavior!? I know it is quite funny, but really I have so many headaches for his activities in front of computer.
Belkin didn’t supports firmware flashing ( in this particular model, I try earlier)
Any software for this situation?
Please help me
Sojan Thomas
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  1. I would buy a faster internet connection. 630k is nothing now days. He could watch hulu,netflix or even utube video and wipe it out.

    You will need a better router. Some router have a QoS feature which can limit traffic based on various rules but you have to read the manuals there is not standard for this. Some routers just do silly thing like high,low,medium which does nothing. You need to look for the ones that can rate limit. DD-WRT is a open source firmware that some routers can run and has pretty advanced versions of QoS but load DD-WRT on a router is not a beginner thing to try, it take a lot of study to be sure you get it right.
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