Hp just installed "Ralink," not sure what it is or if it's needed

The HP Support Assistant on my Windows 7 asked me to install a new driver called Ralink 802.11n Wireless LAN. I wasn't thinking and installed it and i'm wondering what this is. A new program is on my computer called "Ralink Wireless Utility" and my internet settings now say i'm not connected to my D-Link router, however, my internet is running fine so far and i've noticed no difference since the installation. The Ralink program itself i also exited and nothing has changed.

So now my computer says i'm not connected to my router and i'm not connected to whatever this Ralink thing is. When i click on it it asks me to select Wi-Fi direct or Wi-fi Hotspot. I'm really confused as to what is going on. Whatever this is, i'd rather not have it in my computer since i have little to no knowledge of what it is(and google hasn't helped so far), but i'm not sure if it's a good idea to uninstall it.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.
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  1. Your os has a built in wireless manager,so you don't need it.
  2. I see. Many thanks, i've uninstalled the program. But would it make a difference if i were to stay disconnected from the router? As it stands now i don't notice anything, and when i do reconnect the little monitor icon that it's always been changes to how many bars the connection is, so i assume something must be different. This option has never been there before, so i'm a little paranoid.
  3. It should auto-reconnect by way of the OS network settings.
  4. You are still running the driver itself they may have a feature that does it. I suspect you can change this by changing the settings. I tend to like the ra-link software, It provides a nice display of all the active network in the area and what channels and protocol they are all running.
  5. The Ralink driver is still in? I've looked but i haven't seen anything related to it after uninstalling. Assuming it is, where might i find it to check?
  6. You should be able to go to network settings and see which driver it is using. Generally you have to manually change the driver to back it out,there should be a option to role it back. Windows does ship with some network drivers for the more common chipset. Ralink is one of the largest chipset producers and so I suspect they have provided one to microsoft. More than likely it is not the most current which is why you got promoted to replace it.

    Unless it causes a problem you are best off running with the newest driver.
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