Will this router work with wimax?

Hi All,

I'm complete newbie when it comes to routers and stuff, so please help me out.

Just need to know if this particular router will work with my wimax?

The wimax box is just outside the window and there is also an adapter type thing powered through a wall socket. The adapter itself has 2 outlets - one a POE where the cable running from the wimax box is input and the other is a LAN outlet.

So my question is

1)Can I connect this router using the wimax adapter's lan outlet and Wi-Fi enable my house ?

Another purpose behind getting this router is that I also have cdma/evdo and 3g usb modem sticks which i want to use as a fail over connections in case wimax connection goes down .

As i understand, this modem does provide a usb port to plug in those sort of modems.

So another question is

2) If there is a better router available at a similar price with more features or at least that could take the sim's instead of the usb modems... if i'm correct these things are called a modem router ?

I can extend my budget a bit but not a lot though.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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  1. If the cable is a ethernet lan cable I am going to bet the wimax thing is actually some form of bridge or modem and you can hook it to any router.

    Which usb sticks router like this support is always a gamble. You have read the fine print. Cradlepoint has always been the leader in this market but even their routers you have to read the fine print.

    Just be aware that even clear/sprint have abandoned WiMax and are starting to role out LTE. They will not expand their current WiMax not that they did much after the first year anyway. Hopefully we see some real competition as other vendors start to catch up with verizon for LTE coverage
  2. hi John0b691, The usb modems that I have are supported by this router, i've found that out from other sources.

    All i need now is the info on whether this will work with the wimax... The wimax box might be a modem cos it runs a software that you can use to configure it, such as set an access password, encrypt the connection etc...

    Also as i said , the adapter that came along with this has 2 ports...

    Port 1 is something called POE, which the tech guys who came to install this , actually connected the cable running from the wimax box here...

    Port 2 on the adapter is marked on the adapter as a LAN ... and as i can see on close examination it seems to be a RJ45/Ethernet port...

    So can i just plug in a LAN cable from the wimax adapter to a LAN/Ethernet port on this router to enable wi-fi for my house?
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    If you can plug a pc into the port and it works then a router will work fine. I suspect the little adapter is just a simple power injector...I assume there is a connector that goes to some form of power supply.

    This is very common way to provide power to devices when you don't have a PoE switch.
  4. yes the pc works through the port and it's connected through a cat5e cable that came along it's RJ45 port.... Thanks
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