MBR Error 1 and hard drive not listed in system recovery


i had two hdd's in my computer and decided to remove one as i did not really need it and figured it save some power,
after removing secondary hard drive which was just being used as storage i received the " MBR Error 1" after about 2 hours researching
i found i could repair it from windows cd, only problem is i only have a live usb version of it and when i try to launch system recovery the
operating system is not listed and i have to load drivers for the hard disk.

i really do not want to wipe and reinstall windows as its only been 2 weeks since i built the system and also i have a game which is 25gb digital download installed on it but it deletes the installation files after installing it and reinstalling would mean re-installing. :(

i guess i have 2 questions:

1. is there anyway to copy a liveusb onto a disk ? for example, make an iso of a usb drive and burn it to dvd?

2. what drivers would i have to load on the windows startup recovery to get it to see the operating system

below are my system specifications if it helps:

MOBO: Asus sabertooth z77
RAM: gskill ripjaws 8gb (2 x 4gb)
CPU: intel i5-2500k
GRAPHICS: zotac geforce gtc 580 3gb
HDD: WD caviar blue 500gb

OS: windows 7 ultimate SP1 64 bit

any help would greatly be appreciated as this has me absolutely frustrated.

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  1. are you sure your windows directory wasn't on the drive you removed? If you put the drive back does everything go back to normal?
  2. yeah, its on the one in the system . i used wondershare liveboot and can see the files etc .
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