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I have a V551 and have played around with the Moto Mixer only a little. It
seems very limited to me given that there is only one base track loaded on
the phone. I am wondering a couple of things. First, is this utility useful
or just a gimmick? In other words can you actually create some interesting
mixes with this tool? If the answer is yes then how or where do you get
other base tracks to modify? Last but not least, are there some better
instructions on how to use Moto Mixer? I haven't found much in the less than
stellar V551 manual nor on the Internet.

Thanks in advance
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    motomixer is retarded...can't stand it, wish i could take it off. You're
    better off using a computer to edit/create mp3s and then just transfer
    them over to the phone.

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    *There is also an online site which allows you to make your mixes and
    have them sent to your phone. If you're interested in trying it, go

    For a brief overview, go here:

    I like the online site. I mixed a few tracks and loaded them to my
    phone that way.*

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